Mask Appeal: Anton Burmistrov's designs give a Mexican twist to tequila brand

Anton Burmistrov is a multidisciplinary graphic designer born in Estonia, who has lived in Mexico, Colombia, Bangladesh and China, and now resides in London. All this globe-trotting experience was the perfect background to his latest project, creating packaging designs for a tequila brand called Rudo and Tecnico.

The brand is inspired by Lucha Libre, a popular Mexican style of professional wrestling. All Lucha matches are based on the eternal battle between good and evil forces, represented by two groups of wrestlers: the Tecnicos, noble fighters and heroes, and the famous villains of the sport, brawlers and rule-breakers, the Rudos.

"The essence of Lucha is in its cool, edgy and mysterious style," explains Anton. "So the design of Rudo and Tecnico tequilas is based on the intricate masks worn by Lucha Libre wrestlers. Lucha mask is the main centrepiece and a visual anchor, surrounded by the elements that underscore the fascinating cultural tradition — the hand-drawn typography, illustrations and Victorian flourishes."

Tequilas are bottled into semi-artisanal, recycled Mexican glass, and laser-cut wooden tops echo the design of a wrestling mask. Labels are printed on robust premium stock with a gold ink finish, and the colour of each label is based on the tequila's maturity. For example, Blanco tequilas have the smallest ageing period and are cast in a pale colour when the mature colour of Anejo is complemented by darker tones and golden ink.


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