Flesh paintings by Edie Nadelhaft get under your skin

New York-based artist Edie Nadelhaft has created this unusual series of oil paintings to explore a human’s biological surfaces. Entitled 'Flesh', the hyperrealistic paintings take reference from photographs of the artist’s own hands, but are all blown out of proportion.

Nadelhaft explains: "They depict the surfaces of my hands magnified to such a degree that their objective meaning is no longer perceived. Showcasing tiny (about one half inch) stretches of my left hand, and seen from such close range that the folds of flesh and striations in the skin make up the entire composition in most cases, the skin is described as an intricate network of lines and bulges that could just as easily be an aerial view of some fictional landscape or a topographical map.

"The patterns seem infinitely complex, yet I always locate an underlying geometry that anchors the picture and provides at least the appearance of order while highlighting the dual qualities of vitality and vulnerability that characterise physical existence."


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