Cosmópolis by Aldo Crusher

Award-winning illustrator Aldo Crusher is responsible for these bold depictions of cities around the world. The series was created for the Cosmopolis section of Aire Magazine, and includes cities such as Cape Town, New York, Madrid, Shanghai and Buenos Aires, along with details for each.

After graduating with a BA in Graphic Design from UNAM in 2011, Aldo went on to work for HBO Latin America Group. He believes in, "creative expression and has a passion for learning new things."

Of his journey so far and plans for the future, Aldo says: "I've been drawing since I could walk, I fall asleep during awesome movies, I spent six years of my life doing this, and this, I wasted some time here, and here...I hope to continue doing graphic design, motion design, working on animated stuff." After seeing these illustrations we're sure that he will. To check out more of Aldo's work visit his Behance profile.


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