Painting with the Spirit by Monica Bassett

This collection of paintings by Monica Bassett is part of a movement called Lyrical Abstraction. Her large colourful paintings are full of energy, spontaneity, and spirituality. Through her method of Painting with the Spirit, the artist considers each stroke and each splash of colour to be a form of “letting go” of emotion on canvas.

Bassett Levitas, photo by Clarke Drahce, 2010, © Clarke Drahce

Bassett Levitas, photo by Clarke Drahce, 2010, © Clarke Drahce

As part of a mission trip to Deep Griha Society, an NGO in the city of Pune, her purpose was to use art to meet the basic human need for beauty, meaning and creative expression with underprivileged women and children. Through the use of movement and colour, this ‘‘Dancing / Painting’’ project evolved into a practice of self-empowerment, where Indians taught Bassett Bollywood dancing, and she, in turn invited them to “dance” their feelings onto canvas in order to transcend the difficulties of daily life. Hurtling the barriers of culture, creed, and religion through creative expression led to a celebration of diversity which can be transformative.

The four paintings created during this experience were completed by the artist in her Paris studio. These paintings will be exhibited in the sanctuary of the American Church in Paris along with other large works created using the same artist’s process. The exhibition starts from June 11 to July 10, 2014 at the American Church in Paris.


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