Comfort Food by Jessica Dance, knitted pieces that look good enough to eat

Jessica Dance's knitted meals look almost good enough to eat. However, in order to avoid a trip to A&E, we would strongly advise that you simply enjoy looking at them.

All images courtesy of Jessica Dance

All images courtesy of Jessica Dance

Made using 100% Lambswool, these tasty looking treats are part of The Comfort Food Series in collaboration with photographer David Sykes. The idea behind the series is for the knitted food and drink to look realistic from a distance, but reveal its true makings upon closer inspection.

Food isn't the only subject that's been tackled by Dance's knitting needles. She has also worked on projects including The Knit Heads – knitted taxidermy and Knitted Mathematics – including a knitted calculator, pencil and rubber. To see more of Dance's work, visit her website.


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