Director Izzy Burton tells the story of Stella to highlight loneliness among older people at Christmas

Today, national charity Re-engage and Oscar award-winning animation studio Passion Animation Studios have unveiled their animated film, highlighting the challenges of loneliness among older people at Christmas.

For many of us, Christmas is undoubtedly the most wonderful time of the year. But for over half a million older people, the season is not something to look forward to. Re-engage, the only charity committed to tackling loneliness amongst over-75s, and Passion beautifully depict the silent suffering of those with no choice but to spend the season alone.

The film tells the story of Stella, an older woman spending Christmas on her own but who finds a friend in a surprising way.

Created by BAFTA-nominated director Izzy Burton, the heart-warming animation shows just how important it is to reconnect with people at this time of year, and how even a small gesture can make a big difference.

Featuring hand-painted backgrounds and characters, using traditional 2D cell animation techniques, 'Stella' is also brought to life through original music and sound composed by Mcasso Music.

It's part of Community Christmas, the 2019 Christmas campaign from Re-engage, which aims to ensure that no older person is alone on Christmas Day. If you want to support the charity, you can donate at


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