Childhood without Cliche: Achim Lippoth captures the life force of the young

Capturing a range of emotions, from spontaneity to melancholy, German art photographer Achim Lippoth's work goes beyond cliché to explore the true nature of childhood.

All images courtesy of Hatje Cantz

All images courtesy of Hatje Cantz

With his best recent work compiled in new monograph Geschichten über das Kindsein (English title: Storytelling), Lippoth’s images are filled with the immense energy, joie de vivre and cryptic humour of today's children.

In one series, Rage Attack, a furious girl cuts off her doll’s hair, and a boy destroys a TV by hitting it with his robot. In another, Wölflinge, Lippoth allows his young models to roam through industrial landscapes at night, wearing tattered clothes. “It’s always about carefree childhood, about family and belonging, something timeless,” explains the award-winning, Cologne-based artist.

The release of the new book, by Hatje Cantz, will be accompanied by an exhibition at the Bayer Erholungshaus in Leverkusen until June 11 2017.


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