Baroque Paper Wigs: Historical hair pieces made entirely from paper

When one considers the delicate nature of paper, one doesn't assume that the medium could ever be used to create extravagant Baroque wigs, but that is exactly what Russian artist Asya Kozina has achieved with her latest series.

Although not exactly practical, Asya couldn't help but craft the paper hair pieces, feeling that the material only helps to highlight the main form of a wig, rather than drawing our focus to any unnecessary detail. Speaking of her paper creations, she said: "This is art for art's sake – aesthetics for aesthetics with no practical sense. But they are beautiful."

Based in Saint Petersburg, Asya is fascinated by the costumes, accessories and characteristics of many historical period, and enjoys recreating them using only paper and her trusty craft knife and cutting board. As a result, you can expect more than just Baroque wigs on her portfolio; she also crafts full dresses,capes, coats and incredible head pieces – showing us just how versatile and capable paper can really be.

Discover more of her beautiful paper-cut work on Behance. Or you can follow her latest updates via Facebook where she is currently showing us a sneak peek of a huge Baroque wig that includes a ship.


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