DesignThinkers: Branding for Canada’s largest annual conference for the design industry

For seventeen whole months, Toronto-based full service agency Overdrive completely immersed itself in creating the campaign and branding for Canada's largest design event – DesignThinkers 2015, run by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD).

With the entire team working around the clock, the project included everything from concept and logo design to brochure, postcard, t-shirt and signage – bringing to life the entire visual identity for the annual festival.

Using the theme of "Converge, Inspire and Transform" – it focused on the speakers, attendees, points of data and layers of information to add cues to the final look and feel. Forming the central basis of the identity was an 8' acrylic sculpture representing a giant speaker made out of the idea of different people with different backgrounds, opinions and skills coming together in one location, at one point in time, that would be memorable.

To translate the concept on different applications and formats, different materials, papers and print techniques were used throughout the campaign. Here is just a sample of what Overdrive crafted to add creative flair to the whole conference. Discover more at


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