Stacked: A stunning visual documentation of the post-war housing estates of Berlin

Copenhagen-based photographer Malte Brandenburg is the creator of this photography series, Stacked. The images depict the large post-war housing estates of Berlin, often built in the form of tower blocks, in a fairly identical fashion. However, upon closer inspection, differences can be found in the detail, colour and shape of the buildings.

All images courtesy of the artist. Via Creative Boom submission.

All images courtesy of the artist. Via Creative Boom submission.

Brandenburg explains: "These buildings initially provided modern and affordable housing for many middle-class families. With an easing housing market and other affordable alternatives, often a demographic change occurred: the middle class left to build their own houses in the suburbs or for the increasingly popular “Berliner Altbau” in the city centres, while they were gradually replaced by families with economic and social burdens.

"Initially a vast improvement of life for many people after the war, some of these housing estates became social hotspots. In recent years various initiatives tried to counter the negative effects, e.g. by painting the rather grey buildings. Still, people stacked on top of each other as an urban lifeform remains an experiment."

Brandenburg is now based in Copenhagen, after previously living in Berlin. His photography is simple and uncluttered, resulting in aesthetically stunning images centred on order and symmetry.

He is also co-founder of visual arts collective Copenhagen Format, an international group of photographers who collaborate on various projects, and who support other emerging photographers. Discover more at or follow Malte on Instagram.


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