Snask pays tribute to its first-ever WiFi password with a daft music video about badminton

Anxiety might have left us feeling a little frazzled of late. But here's something to lighten the mood, courtesy of Stockholm's Snask. The design studio made a fun music video, involving its whole team, based on its first-ever WiFi password, 'Badminton'.

The reason being? As far as we can tell, it was made purely for sh*ts and giggles. The video was directed by Bild Gates, who also took all the photographs, while the accompanying song was made in collaboration with legendary music and sound studio, Darwood Music. (Note the glorious influences from The Velvet Underground & Nico). Hey, everyone needs a 2020 side project, right? It's just that Snask chose to highlight its obsession with badminton by having its entire team dress up in suitable sporting attire and enjoy a tense match with a... giant chicken.

"At the beginning of time, 13 years ago, we bought our first router," explains Fredrik Öst, Snask's founder and creative director. "With some technical stress and lack of fantasy the password just happened to become 'Badminton'. That’s how the story of Snask's lifelong romance with badminton began. A sport that derived from British Indian 'shuttlecock' where players required aerobic stamina, agility, strength, speed, and precision."

"Furthermore, it also demanded good motor coordination and the development of sophisticated racquet movements. Clearly, this sport means serious business," Fredrik continues. "This is the reason why we created a film."

As you'd expect from a respectable design studio, Snask branded the whole thing with staged photographs and poster designs, presumably to promote the very film. Not sure what's going on? Neither do we, but we enjoyed the effort nonetheless.


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