Felipe Holman's mystical identity and packaging for Roca, an 'intense' craft brewery in Brazil

Mystical, raw and handmade elements formed the inspiration behind this identity and packaging by Brazilian designer Felipe Holman for Roca, a microbrewery based in Pelotas.

Known for its intense and aromatic craft beers in various interesting flavours, Felipe decided to build on the brewery's offering by creating bespoke illustrative characters to represent each product. "My task was to create a very consistent and strong visual identity system for the brand and its products. For this reason, illustrations became the base of the project and each character represents the idea behind the recipe and sensations that each beer brings to the consumer," Felipe tells us.

Whether it be an American pale ale, an American IPA or a Belgian blonde, Felipe looked to the ingredients – for example, he called the American IPA 'Selene' and based its mascot on a genie, it's flame-red beard suggesting it had just escaped from the magic lantern. For the Belgian blonde, we meet 'Astral', a ghost pirate, perhaps, a legend of the sea.

A graduate in advertising and graphic design, Felipe Holman has been working as a graphic designer for more than a decade. He previously worked for various agencies in Pelotas and Porto Alegre but has since gone freelance, working for clients around the world. See more of his work at felipeholman.com.


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