In love and taxidermy: Brooklyn's Morbid Anatomy Museum holds Kittens' Wedding

If you've never witnessed the union of two taxidermy kittens, then you haven't lived. Luckily, The Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn, New York, has got you covered. In a new, bizarre exhibition, the museum seeks to "illuminate the strange and profound human connection to preserved animals", through showcasing a variety of taxidermy from private collections.

At the centre of the exhibition is The Kittens’ Wedding, described as "the final and perhaps most unforgettable of all of the works of Walter Potter, completed in the 1890s".

"The Kittens’ Wedding was created by Walter Potter, a self-trained British Victorian country taxidermist best remembered for a series of anthropomorphic tableaux in which he posed stuffed animals such as kittens, rabbits and squirrels as if engaging in human activities.

"These works were exhibited for nearly 150 years until the museum he founded was divided at auction in 2003. The pieces then moved to the homes of private collectors around the world, most of them never shown since." For taxidermy fans, this is not to be missed. Discover more at

Via The Creators Project | All images copyright of The Morbid Anatomy Museum


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