Artist Peter Davis paints an unnerving picture of our unhealthy addiction to technology

"Seeing everyone transfixed by their glowing devices is now the most ubiquitous pose on the planet," says Peter Davis, an award-winning contemporary figurative painter who loves to explore the subject of humanity and our relationship with technology.

"Our digital and social-mediated world is dominated with manipulated personal experiences, narcissism and false self," he explains. "I am fascinated with people’s use of personal technology and how it impacts our world and relationships. My work poses questions about our digital epoch and the alienation of the human being within modern society."

Through his Phone Addiction series, Peter captures the captivated faces of various subjects – the very people we see every day, hooked to their smartphones. Perhaps we recognise something in ourselves as well. He adds: "All-pervading technologies like the smartphone, from which we derive instant information, connected identity and real-time here-and-now experiences are now dominating our lives. Our fixation with what’s happening on Facebook and our infatuation with Instagram is fundamentally changing the way we interact with each other."

Equally, his Cardboard Reality and Kindlelight and The Next Chapter collections highlight a rather uncomfortable reality – technology has perhaps taken over our lives in such an unhealthy way, that we simply can not see the truth, as it has become so commonplace.

Based in Wilmslow, Cheshire, Peter Davis is a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts and worked as an advertising art director and creative director for over 25 years before becoming a professional artist. You can discover more of his fascinating work at


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