Lightning Bolts & Little Sparks: Unusual and surreal artworks featured by Wow x Wow

Lightning Bolts & Little Sparks is the inaugural group exhibition from online platform Wow x Wow. Intending to take a step back from any restrictions a ‘themed’ group show can impose on an artist’s natural expression, the gallery seeks to provide a stage for participating artists to showcase new pieces from their personal and ongoing output of work.

The show's title is a metaphorical reference to both the ‘eureka’ moments and the smaller inspirational steps forward that are experienced by every artist; all of which are significant and of relevance to the continual growth and development of the true artistic voice of each creative individual.

Curated by Wow x Wow’s founder, the Scottish artist, curator and writer, Tim Maclean, Lightning Bolts & Little Sparks will feature the work of over 90 artists, and gathers together a powerful roster of both established and emerging talent from within the international New Contemporary Art movement.

The primary aim of Wow x Wow is to provide a unique destination for art lovers wishing to be exposed to the visual wonders created by artists who boldly blur the boundaries between the disciplines of fine art, illustration, graphic design and street art. Through original content, including artist interviews and guest blog posts, its able to give true insight into the talented minds and working lives of these creative individuals. Discover more at


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