Illustrator Sarah Haug's fashion collab takes her to Bug Wonderland

Sarah Haug is a lovely lady indeed, and a very excellent drawer of rabbits. She’s recently moved away from the world of floppy eared, bobtailed critters and into that of six-legged beasties instead, thanks to a collaboration with Swiss fashion designer Sabine Portenier.

The designer invited Haug to created illustrations for her basic T-shirt line, made in her manufacturer in Thoune, Switzerland. The result is a series called Julia in the Bug Wonderland.

"We were interested in the insect world because they are inventive, eccentric, with a keen sense of elegance and they literally have super powers," says Haug. "We thought they would be the perfect spokespeople for a sustainable, slow fashion label."

What started as a limited T-shirt series of 30 one-of-a-kind, hand-painted T-shirts grew into a collection of garments and an animated Discovery Channel-inspired fashion film.


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