Endless Summer: Nostalgic mosaics made from pieces of vintage magazines

Were the summers of yesteryear more glorious than the ones we enjoy today? That's the interesting question posed by Greek artist Charis Tsevis who loves to tear up vintage magazines and create nostalgic mosaics of summery scenes.

The visual designer takes photographs and advertisements from the printed media of the '50s and '60s – a period of time when summers were perceived as particularly great – and creates layered artworks that adhere to that common perception. However, he likes to consider whether those days truly were that wonderful.

He ponders: "Was the world really better back then? Or do we just tend to forget the problems of the past? Summery scenes created from parts of vintage ads and ephemera. This is the image that we have from the past. An image always brighter, always distorted from the advertising, the cinema, the nostalgia."

To discover more of Charis's work, visit www.tsevis.com.

Via Behance


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