Why Not: A heart pumping new identity for a new club in Spain

If Quim Marin was renowned for one thing, it would be his links to the music industry. The Barcelona-based designer has spent the past 15 years crafting identities and advertising campaigns for some of the world's biggest music events, festivals and brands.

For his latest project, Quim was appointed by one of Spain's newest nightclubs, Why Not. Based in Girona, the club wanted a new brand identity that would roll out across marketing materials, posters, canvas bags, t-shirts and billboards, ready for its launch this October.

Quim founded his career working for a number of Barcelona design studios – Dotstation, Tmtfactory and Suki Design – before venturing out on his own to become a freelance art director and designer.

To discover more of his work, visit quimmarin.com.

Via Behance


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