Illustrator Alex Ram makes a big impact with small moments

Alex Ram is a London-based illustrator whose work merges everyday life with dreamlike tones. He works with vibrant colours, depicting strong and bold characters across a range of both mundane and fantasy scenes.

He's continued working through lockdown, he says, and at times his thoughts have drifted elsewhere. But he sees that as a positive, not a negative. "This daydreaming reflection is often the lens I see my ideas through, mixing day-to-day activities with partly remembered experiences, and often seasoned with a dreamlike quality," he explains.

Life is built up from a multitude of experiences, and many artists focus on the big moments, such as getting a new job, moving to a new city or starting a new relationship. But Alex feels that small moments, like buying a new plant for your house or sharing a coffee with someone at the start of the day, are just as important and have just as much meaning tied up in them.

"These are the moments I find myself influenced by," he says. "These events are sometimes small or easily overlooked, but are often the marker of something bigger: the kind of memories that make you smile when they happen to float back into your consciousness."


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