The Q Project: An open-ended typographic system for designers who love LEGO and Meccano

Inspired by our beloved LEGO and Meccano, The Q Project is a broad, open-ended typographic play system that enables you to create a nearly infinite number of creations.

Designed by Peter Biľak and published by Typotheque, Q consists of six uppercase base fonts and 35 attachments that can be added as individual layers. It also comes with a variable font with a motion axis, as well as three levels of basic forms that can be combined into new shapes.

"It wasn't a typical design project, where you can test how it might work," says Peter. "It's designed as open-ended to allow for unexpected solutions. This is a challenge in itself, as instead of controlling details, the Q is about creating conditions for design to happen."

The Q Project is available as a set of fonts, variable fonts for animations, and it includes even physical drafting stencils and online interfaces that help to create modular type constructions. To find out more about the concept and wider ideas of designing open-ended systems read this process essay. To get your hands on the system, visit


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