Here Design explores the personalities of punctuation marks with new book

This Is Me, Full Stop is a playful new book that grants personalities to twelve punctuation marks, telling the story of each mark with wit and creativity to inspire readers to look at grammar in new ways.

Written and designed by Here Design, it started life as a children’s book but evolved beyond this to appeal to all ages, extending a subtle invitation to discover these grammatical forms as the marks take turns to reveal their personalities from their own point of view.

The characters of core punctuation marks – from the restful comma to the full stop that loves endings – are explored through playful typographic journeys, with some inhabiting human personalities and some adopting more animal characteristics.

In explorations of existing fonts, Here Design found that punctuation is often overlooked in the creation of new typographies and identified an opportunity for This Is Me, Full Stop to act as a reference book for designers selecting which fonts to work with.

All typefaces used within the book have been hand-picked to fit the personalities they inhabit and are listed at the back, providing a clear guide for designers inspired by the text.

Philip Cowell, author, Here Design, says: “Many people find grammar a challenge so This Is Me, Full Stop is designed to help people find the joy and beauty in punctuation instead, rather than seeing it as a restrictive set of rules. Punctuation is ultimately about helping you express who you are – so it’s actually quite important! – let’s not let the rules put people off."

This Is Me, Full Stop. is available now for £14.99 through Penguin in the UK (and available in the US as This Is Me, Period). For more information please visit


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