A chance to colour in Martin Parr's iconic photography

Well here's a treat for the (many) fans of iconic English photographer Martin Parr: a colouring book that lets everyone into his creative process by adding the brightness, lightness, shadows and gaudiness to some of his best-known and most-loved works.

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist

The Martin Parr Coloring Book [sic] places Parr's photographs next to illustrations by Jane Mount and encourages us to all get busy between the lines. Whether or not you're into the much-lauded "mindfulness" benefits of purposefully wielding coloured pencils, lovers of art and nostalgia will surely be fawning over these images of ill-advised short shorts, dogs in shades, very English holidays and tourist tat.

The book features more than 48 original illustrations by Mount of some of Parr's more iconic and beloved images, as well as a sheet of stickers for those looking to spread the Parr love beyond the book's 80 pages.

To mark the book's release, Parr is giving away a signed print of New Brighton, England, 1983–85, as part of the #ParrColoringContest. Until 2 December this year, anyone who posts a photo of their coloured-in version of that same image (coloured within the book pages only) will qualify for the chance to win. Parr himself chose the winner. Full contest details are available here.


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