Logos From Japan: Graphic assets documented in gorgeously designed publication

Logos from Japan is a beautifully curated book containing a selection of symbols and logos from the captivating country. These logos have been carefully selected to help convey the richness, variety and vitality of Japan’s logo design – something it very much succeeds in.

Last year, Counter-Print conducted a survey of graphic design and illustration titled ‘From Japan’. The teams explains: "There was much that we could not include within this volume, in particular the vast sphere of logo design, which was only touched upon. Here we have chosen to revisit this culturally intriguing country, to pay particular attention to this area of creative expertise.

"One reason Japanese design stands apart from that of many other countries, is that it doesn’t always follow the strict international code of design in evidence today. Japanese design is unique in the way that it unites traditional and modern aspects of design. As such, ‘Logos from Japan’ presents a contemporary study of logo design from this country that is vivid and varied in its vernacular.

"We hope this book will be of lasting importance to those studying or practicing graphic design, or to anyone with an interest in Japanese art and design."

The book is out now and is available to purchase through Counter-Print.

All images courtesy of Counter-Print


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