Illustrated book The Etiquette of Flight pokes fun at awful airline passengers

Ever been annoyed by your fellow passengers on a flight? Then 'The Etiquette of Flight', an austere 12-step guide to better behaviour when flying commercially, may put a smile on your face.

A limited-edition signed coffee table book created by Floridian artist Cayla Birk, it takes a comical approach to issues we often face during travel. The design style pays homage to vintage airline culture while remaining modern in its feisty diction.

This fun project might sound like a departure (no pun intended) for a fine artist. But Cayla's career so far has been anything but samey. Having previously studied Advertising & Public Relations at university and worked as a junior art director in the advertising world, she spent a few years juggling graphic freelance work with fine art until finally merging the two avenues. "Fast forward to the present day, and I've actively been a full-time fine artist for nearly five years," she says.

This diversity of disciplines is no accident, but more of life philosophy. "I was extremely multifaceted as a child; very cerebral," she says. "I liked a vast array of music, literature and art, and it was something I was often criticised for. Being too many different things makes people uncomfortable. It means they can't categorise you. You don't fit into their comprehendible boxes."

Now 30, she sees the value of sticking to her guns. "My signature style that pervades all my art is a literal creative representation of this trait," she says. "My 'markings' encapsulate many different quotes, lyrics, and imagery from vastly different entities in life, yet they all fit together as one cohesively themed work."

You can buy your limited-edition copy of The Etiquette of Flight here.


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