Sarah Tulley

A communications specialist who has worked with global publishing and entertainment brands, Sarah is passionate about the art of storytelling. After living in Sydney for five years, Sarah has recently moved back to the North of England where she is enjoying West Yorkshire's thriving creative scene.

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New York City
Christina A. West, Screen. Photo credit: Tom Little.
All images courtesy of Superfried
Credit: Andree Martis
All images courtesy of the artist. Via Creative Boom submission.
Huddle (2018).
Rubik's Heart I, Sofie Layton (2018).
 Jal Mein Kumbh, Kumbh Mein Jal Hai (2012) © Subodh Gupta / Hauser & Wirth, photo: Geneviève Hanson.
‘Fear of Total Pollution’
The Stand In (Or a Glass of Milk), Phase 1: An Unbiased Teal, presented by Public Fiction as part of the Department of Flying Saucers, Fikra Graphic Design Biennial
Camera with Plinth (2018)

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