The Hub in Islington, London is a co-working space for freelancers

The Hub Islington is a London co-working space that's just a two minute walk from Angel tube station. Hub Islington is a mix of freelancers, small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs, brought together because they do work that has a social purpose.

They don't just do business to make money (although that is nice, too), but because they want to create work that makes the world better: whether that means running a sustainability social enterprise, organising gamified treks around London, or writing about cultural and social issues.

This is a place where people actually talk to each other, something that's essential for lonely freelancers. And the space is set up to help you do that. Membership options are available if you're keen to find out more. And it's a great platform for events, including a Freelance Rights talk, which you must check out... It's happening at the end of June. To find out more visit

All images courtesy of Hub Islington


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