Richard Combes ROI blurs what we believe is reality with his award-winning oil paintings

Richard Combes’ stunning oil paintings explore the relationship between architecture and people, examining the subtle dialogue created between space and the occupier.

The inclusion of a solitary figure, combined with the employment of intrusive perspective, plays with the bounds of personal space and the subject-object relation. Blank walls and abandoned objects are given a presence through detailed rendering and an association that is encouraged by the absence of human interaction.

Following his election as a full member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters in 2004, a feat which exemplifies his skill as an oil painter, Combes’ award-winning work has received international acclaim. Combes studied painting at the New York Academy of Art, graduating with a Master of Fine Art (cum laude). He previously studied architecture at the University of Liverpool, an influence which profoundly affects his work, demonstrating mastery of technique and material.

See new work by Richard Combes ROI at 2022nq Manchester from 7–15 June. See for directions.


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