Stephen Harnwell Jones's workspace in Melbourne reveals something of a hoarder

Today, I'm checking out the home office of Stephen Harnwell Jones, a designer turned illustrator, dabbling on a daily basis in a world of playful nonsense, producing posters and prints with the Gocco, and a newly found Risograph. He's actually been on sabbatical for the past 15 months, rediscovering his inner creative talents.

In Stephen's own words: "As anyone who has worked along side me will tell you, I like lots of mess. I like to surround myself with an eclectic array of colourful noise to pepper my day with silliness. I tend never to throw things away, especially if someone has given it to me - it usually gets pinned up somewhere, ready to be included in my work in some capacity.

"Some call me a hoarder. I collect pencils and have a strict rule about ones I use. The ones I never touch are kept in the toaster. Anyone found fiddling with them is usually scorned. My stunning 1950s desk pencil sharpener is lethal, sharpening my weapons like no modern sharpener can, although it does tend to eat my pencils somewhat quicker than a regular one. I like to stick my work up on the wall, and stand back to see where it's going wrong. Of course, with so much other crap up on the walls already, that is sometimes hard. So, there. My space, where I work every day. It rocks!"

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Stephen Harnwell Jones


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