Vincent Mahé and his bold and colourful vector illustrations

Vincent Mahé is an illustrator based over in Paris who's work has been picked up by the New York Times, Canadian Business and Grand Seigneur magazine, amongst many others.

His distinct style is bold and contemporary using vector illustrations to tell us different stories behind the characters he produces. Working with a limited colour palette, Vincent works a lot on the composition, sometimes with an isometric perspective or more flat theatrical sets.

As he explained: "I like the contrast between bare and abundant scenes. I like to observe the little cracks and weaknesses of our contemporaries, the absurdities of our time. Ultimately, my work is quite realistic. I'm not depicting a fantasy world. There's already too much to describe in this one."

I personally can imagine being whisked back to another time when the ad execs on Madison Avenue were still drinking whiskey for breakfast because his work has got that kind of retro feel. But how did he get started? Well, Vincent studied Animation at Les Gobelins back in 2005, then worked in the feature films business for a while – working predominantly in animation. He later moved into Illustration in 2011 and went full-time freelance last January.

He's one of seven artists to create a studio called Messieurs Dame. You can see more of Vincent's work on his blog or portfolio.


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