10 recommended podcasts for creative freelancers and businesses in 2021

If you're looking to focus on your creative business this year and you're after some decent inspiration, you can't go far wrong with a podcast. One that gives you that reassuring hug to tell you everything is going to be ok.

Image licensed via Shutterstock / By Fizkes

Image licensed via Shutterstock / By Fizkes

Aside from finding out why someone's dad has written a porno, or what makes a guilty feminist, you'll probably be looking for insight on freelancing. Which is why I asked people on Twitter for their recommendations, creating this list to share with you.

This leads me nicely to my next piece of news: I've just launched Season Two of The Creative Boom Podcast with six fresh episodes featuring Sarah Boris, Dapo Adeola, Debbie Millman, Simon Dixon, Meg Lewis, and Harrison Wheeler.

It's a simple format: fun and honest conversations with creatives from all over the world. As usual, there's a sprinkling of Creative Boom in there (we don't take it too seriously because, you know, that's not our style). A few tips, lots of helpful insight, some cheeky laughs – all with our original mission in mind: to celebrate, inspire and support the creative community. Oh, and I'm your host.

In future, you can expect guests such as Morag Myerscough, Oliver Jeffers, and Amrit Singh. In the meantime, here are some wonderful suggestions for 10 creative business podcasts, suggested by us and you – all updated for 2021.

1. Method in the Madness

Quite a few of you recommended this podcast by Gregor Matheson, one that not only delves deep into design and creativity but leadership, productivity and personal development, too. Unfiltered chats with people from all kinds of creative backgrounds. We like how Gregor opens up, too, sharing his own experiences.

2. Creative Pep Talk

For all you creative freelancers out there, illustrator Andy J Miller has a podcast for you. He's been around in the podcasting world for some time but is definitely worth including. Through his conversations with artists and designers, he tries to strike the perfect balance between art and business. And he's a load of fun, too.

3. In Good Company

A podcast for working women, hosted by Women Who founder Otegha Uwagba. Full of practical advice, fresh ideas, and interviews with smart, successful women, this is essential listening for working women – whether you're just starting, or already have years of experience. Thanks for the recommendation, Imriel Morgan.

4. Being Freelance

Five years, 200 conversations, Being Freelance is definitely one to add to your list. Hosted by Steve Folland, who's a freelance video and audio producer, presenter, and writer – so he knows only too well the highs and lows of running your own business. You can tell Steve pours a lot of heart and soul into this venture. He's also just launched Doing It For The Kids, for freelance parents trying to make flexible working work.

5. Never Not Creative

Another wonderful podcast for creatives, talking about anything and everything to do with the industry. From the pitfalls of running a business to mental health, burnout, diversity – even a conversation with a neuroscientist – if it's impacting on creatives, they are talking about it! Recent guests include Gabby Lord, Chris Doyle, Josie Young and Craig Black.

6. Pathfinder

Our friends at Shillington have just launched a new podcast for 2021, which exists to support graphic design graduates across the world entering the creative industry. For some, that might mean starting a business or going freelance. Your host is New York's teacher Jimmy Muldoon, an Australian graphic designer who will guide you through the highs and lows of your profession.

7. Hashtag Authentic

For those of you who rely on Instagram, this is the perfect show. Your host Sara Tasker shares the secrets of dreamers, makers and creatives that want to grow an engaged audience on Instagram.

8. On Design

The On Design podcast by Justyna Green brings you insightful conversations with the creative industry's most inspiring figures – from designers to illustrators, creative directors to entrepreneurs and everybody in between. If you want to know what inspires them, how they work and how they see the world, this is the podcast for you.

9. Creative Rebels

"Empowering the next generation of creatives" – that's the inspiring subtitle to Adam Brazier and David Speed's fresh podcast, Creative Rebels. Founders of Graffiti Life, the pair want to share their story, hear stories from around the world and help creatives trying to make it.

10. Freelance As F

Having a tough time? Seeing all these people doing well? You'll love this tongue-in-cheek, realistic appraisal of freelance life, not the "romanticised weird stuff that people throw around". I really love this. It's honest, a bit different and wonderfully daft. Hosted by illustrator Ewan Brock and friend Oliver Cuthbertson who bring us informal chats about all things freelance – laugh along as they try and figure out how to "make it".


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