Foreign Policy's identity for Figment tells the historical story of Singapore's shophouses

Singapore's design agency Foreign Policy has created this homely identity for Figment, a short term rental and serviced apartments company that offers all-inclusive, fully furnished suites and flexible leases in central locations across Asia.

First launched in restored shophouses in Singapore, each Figment hub is designed and decorated to reflect the personality of a local designer, offering residents their own piece of the city-state's history and local flavour. As you can imagine, the target audience includes artists, designers and anyone interested in local culture.

This theme formed the inspiration behind Foreign Policy's expandable logo and brand system that references the unique roofs of Singapore's heritage shophouses – and, "any new cities and locations on Figment's horizon". Just take a look at the different logo elements for Hanoi, Hong Kong, Melbourne, and Kyoto to see Figment has big plans for expansion in future.

The agency also worked in partnership with local craftspeople and makers to develop specially curated welcome kits to make new residents feel "right at home". The branded collaterals adopted architectural and graphic elements found in local heritage, while fictional sticker stamps add an extra layer of fun and brand engagement.

Figment is one of just many notable projects by Foreign Policy, a branding and design studio founded by Yah-Leng Yu, who studied at the Art Institute in Boston before moving to New York and working for a number of design firms. She moved back to her home city of Singapore in 2007 to launch her own agency.

"Storytelling is at the heart of what we do at Foreign Policy as we help translate brand narratives using meaningful visuals and graphics," Yah-Leng tells Creative Boom. "We are constantly inspired by current affairs, pop culture, music, fashion and everyday life. We love good ideas and are constantly inspired to make an impact using design."

Other recent projects by Foreign Policy include a gorgeously understated identity for Roger&Sons, a carpentry business with three young brothers at the helm; playful branding work for Design Pasar, a festival that brings design, crafts and arts to Singapore, and passport-inspired editorial design for a series of travel journals. Discover more at


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