40 best creative podcasts to liven up your commute

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Want to keep pace with the rapidly changing world of creativity? Podcasts are a great way to listen to key voices from the industry, from all over the world, and get inspiration and advice.

They’re generally free to download, and are easy to listen to while you’re doing other things, from jobs around the house to exercising in the gym.

So what are you waiting for? Well, in truth, many people are held back by the tyranny of choice; there are just so many great podcasts out there to choose from.

In this article, then, we’ve picked out the cream of the crop; 40 excellent podcasts that can’t fail to entertain and inform you on subjects close to your creative heart.

1. The Ladder

The Ladder is a new podcast from Intern magazine; an online platform for and by creative youth that aims to power the next generation through content, support and training. This first episode of a two-part pilot investigates the issue of the gender pay gap.

2. Creative Rebels

Hosted by David Speed and Adam Brazier, the co-founders of Graffiti Life and Parlour Tattoo, Creative Rebels features inspiring interviews with people who’ve rebelled against the nine-to-five and offers advice on how you can follow in their footsteps.

3. Never Not Creative

Never Not Creative is a community of creatives who want to make the industry a better place. Its lively podcast features interviews with community members, as well as discussing issues and making announcements.

4. Vince Frost Design Your Life

In his 2015 book, Design Your Life, Vince Frost laid out his central idea that design thinking can apply to everything from business to life. His accompanying podcast expands on this theory and explores how successful people have changed their lives for the better.

5. Design Matters

In 2005, Debbie Millman started a radio show, Design Matters, which became the first-ever podcast about design and creative culture. The show’s still going strong today, and features interviews with some of the world’s best-known designers, artists and cultural leaders.

6. The Honest Designers

The Honest Designers Show offers insight into how to succeed in the creative industry, as well as giving you an under-the-hood look at some of the less glamorous hurdles you need to overcome. It’s presented by Tom Ross, Ian Barnard, Lisa Glanz and Dustin Lee.

7. Perspective Podcast

If you're a designer or artist seeking discussions on hard topics like mental health, growing an audience, pricing your services, and attracting work, then this podcast is for you. Each week, Scotty Russell of Perspective-Collective and his guests give you the tools for thinking bigger, overcoming adversity, and making an impact with your work.

8. Being Freelance

Since 2015, Steve Folland has spoken to more than 100 freelancers for this podcast, about the trials of being freelance. Through hearing their stories, he aims to help his listeners become better freelancers, as well as himself.

9. Creative Pep Talk

The host of Creative Pep Talk Andy J. Miller is passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs strike the perfect balance between art and business. Through bizarre analogies, personal stories and artist interviews, he hopes to help you break free from confusion and guide you towards career success.

10. Diseño Cha Cha Cha

Founded by Pablo Stanley, a designer at InVision, Diseño Cha Cha Cha is a Spanish-speaking podcast about design and technology. Its goal is to let other Latinos know that there are people just like them working in the creative industries.

11. Building a Storybrand

If you’re struggling to get the word out about your product or service, this podcast aims to help. Host Donald Miller brings you practical advice about clarifying your message so that customers will listen and you can grow your company effectively.

12. Arrest All Mimics

Hosted by illustrator, author and art director Ben Tallon, Arrest All Mimics features interviews with some of the most exciting people and projects across the creative industries.

13. Australian Design Radio

Australian Design Radio is a podcast based in Sydney that aims to provide the global creative community with conversations and commentary on Australian design. In each episode, presenters Flyn Tracy and Matt Leach invite an industry guest to tell their story, discuss their work, and debate current creative issues.

14. Logo Geek

This podcast, as you might imagine, is all about logo design. In each episode, host Ian Paget - a British graphic designer based in Manchester - explores the art and science behind successful logos by interviewing graphic designers and entrepreneurs from around the world.

15. Drunk on Letterin

Every week in this fun and irreverent podcast, Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog get drunk and Skype with one of their favourite letterers. They specialise in making their guests feel uncomfortable and asking them pointless questions, to hilarious but often informative effect.

16. Overshare

Subtitled ‘Honest Conversations with Creatives’, Overshare is all about addressing topics that don’t get enough attention. In each episode, Working Not Working co-founder Justin Gignac sits down with his favourite creatives to discuss, in his words, “the tough stuff we don't talk about in public often enough”.

17. The Reflex Blue Show

A podcast about graphic design, pop culture, web design, and the people working in the industry, The Reflex Blue Show is hosted by Donovan Beery, a designer living and working in Omaha, Nebraska.

18. Grits X Grids

Hosted by Joseph Szala, the Grits X Grids podcast focuses on a pretty niche area: creative work in the restaurant and beverages industries. Topics covered include branding, marketing, web design, strategy, branding managers, clients, and more.

19. North v South

North v South is a podcast hosted by two English graphic designers, one from ‘up North’, the other one from ‘down South’. They talk about design, illustration, technology, books and pies, and sometimes they have guests too.

20. F24 Podcast

Every week on the F24 podcast, David Samuel of RareKind invites creatives of all stripes to his studio in North Acton, London, to talk about their lives and interactions in the UK capital, within the worlds of culture and creativity.

21. The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent is a print and online magazine based in New York that also curates a live event series and a podcast. Based around long-form interviews, the latter features in-depth conversations with today’s artists, makers and risk-takers.

22. Hurry Slowly

The design equivalent of the Slow Food movement, this podcast focuses on how you can become more productive, creative and resilient through the simple act of slowing down. Jocelyn K. Glei presents it.

23. Adventures in Design

This daily talk show for creatives explores how to design happiness into your professional life. Presenter Mark Brickey and his guests aim to keep you entertained, educated and inspired while you create a better-designed world for yourself.

24. Design Story

In this bi-weekly podcast, Jeni Herberger and Adam Fry-Pierce relate stories about design, and how it shapes the world around us. “Creatives, thinkers, and the curious” are the intended audience.

25. Art Curious

Hosted by Jennifer Dasal, ArtCurious is an art history podcast that explores the unexpected, the slightly odd, and the strangely wonderful.

26. The Futur

Out of Santa Monica, California, The Futur aims to empower creative entrepreneurs to live a sustainable life, doing what they love. Hosted by Chris Do, host of YouTube channel The Process, topics covered include branding, design, business and UX design.

27. The Collective

Created and hosted by designer and director Ash Thorp, The Collective aims to explore the struggles of work/life balance and to share the experiences of influential creatives from all kinds of media, including designers, illustrators, visual effects artists, writers, painters and programmers.

28. Creative Honey

Creative Honey is a podcast hosted by Maria Bougioukos and Zachary Richard Hill in which they explore and discuss all things creative, including ideas, professions, trends and advice from professionals around the world.

29. Nice to Meet You (NTMY)

Tobias van Schneider is a German multi-disciplinary maker who now lives and works in New York City. His podcast showcases his chats with creatives which include “makers, builders and no-bullshitters”.

30. Overtime

Twice a month, Dribbble's official podcast shares in-depth interviews with renowned designers. Dan Cederholm, designer and co-founder of Dribbble, chats to them about their process, the tools they use, and the stories behind their most popular shots.

31. High Resolution

Hosted by Bobby Ghoshal and Jared Erondu, High Resolution aims to bring clarity to how the best companies approach, communicate and deploy design. The presenters have hand-picked the design industry’s 25 greatest influencers and change-makers to bring you 1,000 minutes of deep-dive conversation.

32. Design Review

Jonathan Shariat and Chris Liu are your hosts, and they bring to the table passion and years of experience in equal measure. This podcast steers clear of idle chit-chat and focuses on in-depth discussions about design topics that matter.

33. Make and Break

This interview series on industry leaders and young creatives comes from D&AD and WPP. Each episode discusses a different topic related to creativity, such as storytelling, authenticity, or dealing with tight deadlines.

34. Reply All

Reply All is not strictly speaking a podcast about creativity, but more about how to survive modern internet life. In each episode, hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman find great narrative stories with exciting plots and compelling characters.

35. Creative Lives by Lecture in Progress

Creative Lives is a podcast series profiling exciting creative careers. It covers everything from how the person identified an interest in the industry, to landing their first job. Overall, this is a great educational resource to inspire and inform the next generation of creatives and help them make better career decisions.

36. Stack

Stack is a company that delivers a different independent magazine to your door every month. Its fine podcast features conversations with independent publishers, who tell behind the scenes stories of how well-known magazines operate.

37. The Work We Do

This perfect named podcast tells the stories of people who are building meaningful careers by doing what they love. Hosts Victoria Stoyanova speaks with entrepreneurs, scientists, chefs, curators, architects and educators to learn their secrets.

38. Meet the Creatives

Rob Johnston is an independent graphic designer and photographer based in New York. His podcast aims to bridge the gap between entry-level creatives and top talent from companies like Facebook, Google, Adobe, Nike, Airbnb, Twitter, Huge and Pentagram.

39. Dissection

A podcast from New York studio JK Design, Dissection focuses on the unique creative process of designers. Each episode, the presenters speak with a world-renowned graphic designer and dissect a single project of theirs. The interviewees reveal how the project started, explain their creative process, and share stories of struggles and how the project came together.

40. Obsessed With Design

Obsessed With Design features host Josh Miles interviewing some of the hottest designers. From branding and illustration to industrial design and architecture, we learn what makes these talented creatives tick.

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