Aurélia Durand is amongst 12 artists to collaborate with Magnum to raise money for women cocoa farmers

Illustrator Aurélia Durand has kicked off a virtual exhibition as part of Magnum's new campaign to celebrate "small moments of pleasure" and raise funds to support women cocoa farmers impacted by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Ivory Coast by [@4ur3lia](

Ivory Coast by @4ur3lia

She is one of 12 artists to collaborate with the brand, creating an original artwork that transforms now-famous images of quiet city streets taken during lockdown into bustling hubs of 'Pleasure Imagined'. Aurélia's bespoke artwork sees a collision of colours adorn an original photograph taken by her father of The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Yammasoukro in 1991 on a family trip to her mother's native Ivory Coast, where Magnum sources much of its cocoa from.

Aurélia said: "As an artist, I always strive to create art that is true to me and what I believe. With the devastation that the current crisis has brought, I am grateful that I can share what pleasure means to me through my most precious and authentic means.

"Creating this piece was such an important and meaningful process, not only am I sharing my hopes for a harmonious and bright future, but the funds generated through this initiative will go towards making this a reality for cocoa farming communities in Ivory Coast impacted during these difficult times."

Visit to find out more or make a donation to support cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast.

Pleasure Imagined kicks off a two-year commitment between Magnum and NGO partner 100 Weeks. Magnum is also committing an additional donation of €250,000 to provide direct financial support to the women cocoa farmers within its extended network.

Rio de Janeiro by [@diegolimberti](

Rio de Janeiro by @diegolimberti

São Paulo by [@giubibianchi](

São Paulo by @giubibianchi

Buenos Aires by [@generic_primo](

Buenos Aires by @generic_primo

Madrid by [@nicord](

Madrid by @nicord

Buenos Aires by [@rocco3084art](

Buenos Aires by @rocco3084art

Lisbon by [@ilchachoscratchest](

Lisbon by @ilchachoscratchest

Madrid by [@agus_jpgg](

Madrid by @agus_jpgg


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