20 best websites with mockups for your graphic design projects

One of the most annoying things about being a designer is when you have to spend precious time on dull, repetitive tasks. For instance, fiddling about in Photoshop or Sketch to create a mockup of your designs on an iPhone or T-shirt is hardly the best use of your creative brain. With that in mind, countless apps have sprung up to streamline the process and take the work out of it.

Six sheet poster mockup by Annette Dennis, via [House of Mockups](https://houseofmockups.com/products/6-sheet-poster-mockup?pr_prod_strat=copurchase&pr_rec_pid=5153662337164&pr_ref_pid=5157627658380)

Six sheet poster mockup by Annette Dennis, via House of Mockups

Below, you'll find the 20 best websites for automating this task. Not only do they provide hundreds, or even thousands of templates for you to use, they'll also let you drag and drop in your screenshots with just a click of two, saving you massive amounts of time. So stop reinventing the wheel, and start freeing up your time for the more interesting, creative aspects of your role!

1. Artboard Studio

Design, animate and present your creative projects in a professional way with Artboard Studio. This extensive library of mockups can be accessed right inside the browser. It’s free to register an account with an email address or via Facebook, and there’s a ‘free forever’ plan for non-commercial use. A paid subscription, meanwhile, allows you to use the templates for commercial projects, as well as offer priority customer support.

Multi Device Mockup by [Artboard Studio](https://artboard.studio/templates-gallery/61d8632cf9afda001ca14b8c/multi-device-responsive-mockup-template)

Multi Device Mockup by Artboard Studio

2. The Templates

Part of independent graphic design resource The Brand Identity, The Templates offers a great range of ultra-realistic mockups with neutral and unique aesthetics. They’re all quite reasonably priced, most coming in around the £15-£25 mark.

3. House of Mockups

House of Mockups was founded as a creative community by Anthony Wood, creative director of Shillington. It’s a great place to find fresh and inspiring mockups, both paid-for and free, that will dazzle clients with photographic realism. These range from lifestyle ice cream tubs to cafe windows, digital subway billboards to old-school cassette tapes.

Union Square 4x3 Poster Mockup by Partner Studio via [House of Mockups](https://houseofmockups.com/products/union-square-4x3-poster-mockup?pr_prod_strat=copurchase&pr_rec_pid=5154016788620&pr_ref_pid=5157627658380)

Union Square 4x3 Poster Mockup by Partner Studio via House of Mockups

4. Placeit.net

Placeit claims to have the largest collection of mockup templates on the internet. There are almost 2,000 freebies to peruse at time of writing, while an unlimited subscription gives you access to thousands more premium-quality templates.

5. Mockup Maison

Mockup Maison promises to make it easy to showcase your designs, improve presentations and social media. This is a resource with plenty of mockups ready to purchase and download. Simply choose a collection (they're not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for) and start creating your own displays. The entire lot can be purchased for $1,549, saving you 61 per cent overall.

BK E12 Book Mockup via [Mockup Maison](https://www.mockup.maison/)

BK E12 Book Mockup via Mockup Maison

6. Envato Elements mockups

Envato is a well-known ecosystem of sites and services for digital assets and creative people. And it offers a fab range of mockup templates on its specialist site. These realistic, customizable and beautifully designed product layouts are a great choice for mocking up your designs.

7. You Work For Them

YouWorkForThem has been doing font and stock media licensing since 2001, and its mockups site allows you to browse hundreds of mockups for your design projects. Among them, you’ll find a wide variety of mockup bundles to suit presentations of all kinds.

Cassette Tape mockups via [You Work For Them](https://www.youworkforthem.com/graphic/E7052/cassette-tape-mockups)

Cassette Tape mockups via You Work For Them

8. The Mockup Club

The Mockup Club specialises in linking out to free mockup templates around the web. They constantly test and check that all the mockups they link to are of high quality, spam and virus-free, and free to use. That said, it’s your own responsibility to check the license of the files you download first.

9. Mockup Tree

Here’s another great place to find free mockup templates Mockuptree offers designers free access to hundreds of ready to use PSD templates. It also gives useful information on file sizes, dimensions and more.

Mug mockup via [Mockuptree](https://mockuptree.com/free/coffee-enamel-mug-mockup/)

Mug mockup via Mockuptree

10. Morflax Things

Explore a wide range of professional 3D device mockups with Morflax Things, including a lot of specific Apple product templates. These include iPhone 11 Pro mockups, iPhone 12 Pro mockups, MacBook Pro 13 mockups, iMac Pro mockups, and more.

11. Screely

Screely is an easy way to take a screenshot and turn it into a website mockup image, in just a couple of clicks: just drag and drop your files or copy them from the pasteboard. You can add your background colour, and you don’t need any software skills. Use Screely in the browser, or via the Chrome or Edge extensions.

12. Screenpeek

Screenpeek turns an image into a high-quality mockup in seconds. Generating an iPhone mockup is free, while a one-off fee gives you lifetime access to creating iPad, MacBook or iMac mockups.

Mockup made via Screenpeek

Mockup made via Screenpeek

13. Shotsnapp

Shotsnapp lets you create beautiful device mockup images for your app or website design. Share it everywhere. You can change the size and colour of the background and even add a drop shadow. Choose from its collection of templates for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches and it’s all completely free.

14. MockupsJar

Create realistic app mockups in three easy steps using MockupsJar. It’s completely free and there are 812 templates at time of writing, for iPhone, Android, MacBook, browsers, packaging and more.

15. Mockerie

Mockerie offers 362 mockups over 19 collections. You can embed images and video in your mockups, enhance the look with one of 20 filters, and with a pro subscription you get unlimited hosted mockups, images and bandwidth.

16. Layers

Layers is a firm favourite with the design community and it's easy to see why. Its mockups are highly stylised, often minimalist and the urban settings drip with a cool freshness that other resources often lack. Its bundles are great value for money, too, with adjustable features throughout.

Mockup PP®F Nº005 via [Layers](https://layers.design/collections/mockups/products/pp%C2%AEf-n%C2%BA005)

Mockup PP®F Nº005 via Layers

17. Mockuper

This simple but helpful tool generates mockups in minutes. Choose between desktop mockups, phone mockups, tablets and even posters or business cards mockups. Simply pick an image, click on the green highlighted area to add your screenshot, select one of the handy reflection modes and you're done.

18. Smartmockups

Want to see your designs across a huge range of products. Smartmockups lets you create business card mockups, T-shirt mockups, billboard mockups and book mockups. You can also generate tech mockups, social media mockups, print mockups and packaging mockups, all within one easy interface.

Mockup via [Smartmockups](https://smartmockups.com/mockup/gKYNu86P3)

Mockup via Smartmockups

19. Mockuuups

This drag-and-drop tool helps you to access 1,300+ mockups. It’s a paid service but there’s a seven-day free trial and a free plan for student/non-commercial projects. There are apps for Windows and Linux, and plugins for Sketch and Figma.

20. Mr Mockup

High-quality PSD mockups to "showcase your work like a pro". This site has loads of freebies to play with and bundles to purchase should you need access to more. We love browsing through its Showcase where designers have shared how they've used the various mockups for their projects.

Box Mockup via [Mr Mockup](https://mrmockup.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Mr.Mockup-02-Vertica-Box-Mockups-NEW.jpg)

Box Mockup via Mr Mockup

Other notable mentions

Since we shared this resource on social media, the creative community has offered more excellent suggestions including Pixeden, Unblast, Semplice's Supply and Mockup Cloud.

There's also Mockup World, MockUPhone – allowing you to pick device templates to generate quick and easy mockups – and Dimmy Club which is a device mockup generator for your screenshots. Last but not least, there's Graphic Burger, probably one that's been around since mockups became a thing. That should be enough mockups to keep any discerning graphic designer happy.


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