Marcos Farina's latest stunning picture book explores our connection with the animal kingdom

Argentinian graphic designer and illustrator Marcos Farina has returned to the world of picture books with The Animal Show. Written by Maria-Elisabeth Niebius, the book aims to help very young children develop an awareness of the animal kingdom.

Released by Little Gestalten, a publishing company that operates under the ethos that you should not give a child a book that you would not read yourself, The Animal Show is a visual feast of all sorts of creatures. From the big and the small, including beloved pets and friendly beasts, animals of all stripes (no pun intended) are given a charming introduction to younger readers.

And in a first for the publisher, this book is printed on nice chunky card to make it easier for young people to enjoy (a move that will probably also prolong the book's life expectancy, too). Featuring illustrations in a retro style that depict animals going about their daily activities like having a wash or eating a snack, The Animal Show is intended to support early development in youthful readers.

The publisher adds: "this visual board book introduces monkeys, bears, owls, sloths, penguins, pelicans, ants and woodpeckers in ten pairs, exercising children's comprehension in a fun way that brings babies, toddlers and grown-ups alike joy."

And as a fulfilment of Little Gestalten's publishing principles, there's plenty in this book's thick pages for adults to enjoy too. Marcos' art style, rooted in retro aesthetics after being honed at the University of Buenos Aires, is a visual delight thanks to its endearing character design, use of colour and careful composition.

He's not just lent his talents to the pictures either. Marco has also designed and realised the text which runs underneath each page. And by picking out the names of animals and their corresponding activity in larger, specially-designed colourful type, even the youngest of readers will be able to form a connection between the words and pictures. And most importantly of all, they can carry their newfound appreciation for our animal friends over into the real world too.

The Animal Show is available to order in the UK now for £8.95, with an international release scheduled for 25 January 2022.


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