You Are Here, a new exhibition by David Shillinglaw

You Are Here is a new body of work by artist David Shillinglaw – ranging from large painted canvas, works on paper, wooden assemblages and installation – and it's all going on show at London's Scream gallery. The body of work pulls together the last 10 years of Shillinglaw's practice – combining elements from his work on the street and in the gallery – but also remixing his own personal history – which propels his work into a fresh visual territory.

All images courtesy of David Shillinglaw

All images courtesy of David Shillinglaw

Upon arrival at the exhibition take the supplied map/graphic pamphlet and use this tool to help you navigate through the humour, texts, typography, references, sign posts (both metaphorical and physical) and other cool-as-f**k elements that will undoubtedly end in a sensory overload. But a good one, not one that does your head in. We all need exhibitions like these.

David explains: "The theme of my new exhibition, You Are Here, is that it's ok to get lost, we all are from time to time, and in fact, the process of getting lost goes hand in hand with discovery."  Although conscious of the history of painting, and at the same time celebrating outsider approaches, David's new work mixes a more formal approach to paint on canvas, whilst including other less 'finished' methods of realising ideas. He is taking his street and outsider ethics, aesthetics and sensibilities onto the walls of a West End gallery, as you do.

At first glance, the work of You Are Here leans towards maps and hints at a board game – brightly coloured and playful – but this is just the jump-off point, as his intention is to lead you in, and then hope you get lost. Interactive like – he’s trying to get you involved in his work and not just stood there clutching your plastic cup of white wine nodding your head like you 'really get the street art influence here'. That's the old model; we're way past that.

All the places David has got up in over the past 10 years are represented: NYC, Cape Town, Paris, London, Athens, Kosovo, Etc. All the different walls and streets he has covered with his art, and travelled through now become constellations on a map of his past; a psycho-geographic response to an ever-changing, developing, and brave new world, which, you must admit, is pretty neat.


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