Sweet Art: The UK's first ever movie poster made entirely out of Pick 'n' Mix

To celebrate the release of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water, a cinema in Walthamstow has collaborated with renowned food artist Mark Northeast to create the UK’s first-ever film poster made entirely out of Pick ‘n’ Mix.

The appetising artwork was unveiled at the Empire Cinemas branch this morning to the delight of local children and cinema-goers and will remain on display at the cinema for the rest of the week.

Sourced from the nation’s favourite sweets, the delicious poster uses 24 different types of sugary treats and over 400 individual sweets including; 90 foam bananas, of which 60 were used for the lettering, 60 fried eggs, 60 shrimps, 25 pieces of fudge, 50 blue dolphins, 10 strawberries and many more.

Mark Northeast, the owner of Creative Food Design, said: “This has to go down as one of the largest and most fun I’ve undertaken. The preparation was key and from the outset, I visualised how the image would take shape. The plan was to layer the different characters at varying heights in order to achieve a sense of depth to the picture.

“One of the toughest elements of the project was trying to cut and shape the 24 different varieties of sweets to use them in the picture. Some are brittle and can snap easily while others were incredibly chewy. Where possible I tried to use the sweet in its original form, but some improvisation was necessary – for example, removing the yolks of about 80 fried eggs so they laid flat on the picture. Each of the 90 bananas that were used had to be cut down in thickness to make them suitable for the letters and SpongeBob’s body.”

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water opens nationwide on 27 March 2015.


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