Augmented Cities shows the uneasy relationship between urban and nature

Augmented Cities is a project by London-based advertising photographer Tim Robberts which aims to explore the uneasy relationship between the urban and natural world, and to see whether the two elements actually compliment one another.

He explains: "We see dystopian near-future movies where the world’s cities have been aggressively overgrown by nature. And then we see projects like The High Line in New York where the natural world is carefully curated within an urban framework. I wanted the images to sit somewhere between these two extremes.

"The idea had been at the back of my mind for a year or so, and on a recent trip to New York I went out looking for shots that would work for the project. I have a large folder of photos from the last few years that I keep as potential ingredients for projects or composites. I sifted though this, pulling out the images that felt right, and then experimented with combining different images in different ways. I discarded the ones that weren’t quite working, and then chiselled away at the rest to get the final shots."

The resulting photographs are clever combinations of both our urban and natural environments, offering a unique perspective on our modern world. Discover more at

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