Wembley Park unveils a 'Massive Choon' by Baker & Borowski to celebrate its musical heritage

Selfie kings and queens, listen up! Wembley Park has teamed up with Baker & Borowski, the duo behind Produce UK and Skip Gallery, to create Massive Choon, a playful series of 3D and 2D artworks.

All images courtesy of Wembley Park

All images courtesy of Wembley Park

The giant, neon-coloured creations feature a guitar and amp, headphones, turntable, a drumkit, musical notes, a microphone and a boombox. You can interact with the art by standing on top of the pieces or peer through them for the ultimate snap. The installations can be found dotted around Olympic Way, Market Square and Wembley Park Boulevard.

Catherine Borowski and Lee Baker have called the project Massive Choon, while the individual pieces are named after the favourite songs of those closest to them, such as ‘Valerie’, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ and ‘Kashmir’. This touching tribute is in keeping with the narrative they have for all their SKIP Gallery installations which are named after sayings that Catherine’s late mother used.

They said: "Our interactive installations of all things musical break art out of its traditional gallery context and place it in unexpected environments that the public can immerse themselves in."

Meanwhile, Wembley Park is hosting a jam-packed programme of events this summer. As well as live music concerts and a one-day music festival (International Busking Day, 20 July), there'll be ‘Summer on Screen’, free outdoor summer screenings. Find out more: www.wembleypark.com.


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