Ventricle: Giant, heart-shaped installation commissioned by the Southbank Centre for the Festival of Love

Ventricle is a two-part installation that was commissioned by the Southbank Centre in London, and built by the New York-based agency, SOFTlab, for the Festival of Love. The installations recall the heart – "a symbol that has been used for many centuries and in many cultures to represent love."

Via [Behance]( | All images copyright of SOFTlab

Via Behance | All images copyright of SOFTlab

Along with the chambers of the heart, the installations are a modern interpretation of the hanging gardens of Babylon, a place of many cultures and languages, and also of Eden.

The pair of structures are gravity-formed and hang in the double-height spaces on either side of the Royal Festival Hall. Each lightweight vessel has been crafted in aluminium and is clad in 3M's Solar Mirror Film.

A spokesperson for SOFTlab explains: "The film is typically applied to photo-voltaic panels to increase the sunlight they receive. In this case, we are taking advantage of the sunlight coming through the adjacent glass walls to use the film's ability to refract and cast light.

"The net-like hanging structures refract the light casting a woven landscape of colour into the interior of the Southbank Centre. Through the combination of entwined geometry and light, the installations are designed to create a visual vibrancy that comes from the embrace of geometry, materials, and light.

"Like the weaving of the many cultures found in London and around the world the structures are a reflection on the idea that working together through love and by embracing our differences leads to unimaginably wonderful results."


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