Play More: The world's first art exhibition for dogs courtesy of Dominic Wilcox

British inventor Dominic Wilcox is proving that art isn't just for humans with a new contemporary exhibition for our canine friends. Play More consists of a series of interactive art installations, all of which are created for dogs and inspired by the things they love to do including playing fetch, splashing about in the water and sniffing the air to enjoy many different scents.

Commissioned by More Than Pet Insurance as part of its #PlayMore campaign, it sets out to inspire dog owners to be more imaginative in the way they play with their pet by highlighting the importance of physical and mental stimulation for a dog's health and happiness.

Expect to discover a giant dog food bowl filled with toy balls resembling dog food; a car simulator that gentle blows wind and scents through the air for dogs to enjoy; a series of water jets that jump from one dog water bowl to the next; and a selection of paintings and drawings for dogs, created in a dog's colour spectrum.

The exhibition on Tanner Street, Southwark will be open this weekend for two days only, and each ticket holder will get a maximum of 30 minutes to enjoy the show. Get your tickets here.


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