Situ: Duo create thought-provoking masked characters in various everyday situations

As part of their ongoing Situational Masks series, creative duo guyandherbert capture thought-provoking, surreal imagery of various masked characters in different everyday situations.

From the butcher surrounded by knives and his face covered in meat to a stranger plastering his head in pasta before tucking into an evening meal – their dreamlike, raw and playful photographs use the environment around them to portray their vision.

Traditional and basic techniques are used to capture unusual situations in front of the lens; while location, lighting, props and actors are some of the key ingredients that go into creating their artwork. They capture the moment as it happens, rather than rely on the comfort of post production.

The duo explain: "We encourage the viewer to immerse themselves in a mix of obvious everyday situations and interrelated environments mixed with a colourful palette of ingredients. We ask the viewer to personally conjure up their own unique story and outcome for the subject matter as bold colour and mystery lure in and intrigue us."

You can see their work presented in their first solo exhibition at The Book Club on Leonard Street, London from Thursday 18 August until Sunday 16 October 2016. The event has been directed and curated by Liat Chen. To find out more visit

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of guyandherbert


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