The Recorder: The original monotype magazine, redesigned and re-imagined

UK designer and magazine art director Luke Tonge and editor Emma Tucker are about to launch their third issue of The Recorder magazine, which features 100+ pages on typography and graphic design, exploring type’s role in a wider cultural context.

In this limited-edition offering, which has a spot-varnished cover, Jennifer Kennard explores how the history of banknotes is also the history of graphic design and printing, and journalist Laura Snoad examines typefaces with a political agenda. Amy Papaelias looks at how a new generation of women is carrying on the legacy of Beatrice Warde, while Angela Riechers examines the typographic impact of neon lettering, and stone carver John Neilson delves into the secrets of an ancient craft.

British road signs designer Margaret Calvert selects her top 10 favourite typefaces, and as always the editorial team select some of the most recent must-read design titles from the past six months. Issue 3 also features illustrations from Zoe Barker, Ellie Foreman-Peck and Ping Zhu, and cover imagery created by Ari Weinkle.

To get your hands on a copy, you can order via


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