Quirky and beautiful stitched sculptures made entirely from rope by artist Doug Johnston

In his latest exhibition What It Is, New York City-based artist and designer Doug Johnston crafts unusual, sculptural objects made entirely from coiled and stitched rope – an ancient technique that he loves to celebrate in a more contemporary way.

Speaking of the collection, he said: "I expand my use of coiled construction, which allows me to work in a number of roles simultaneously (designer, artist, craftsman, etc.) with minimal concern for the distinctions or boundaries imposed on the work once it leaves the studio, often resulting in work that is hybrid or plural in nature.

"In many of the pieces, the process is a tool to explore the nature of specific objects that have held special fascination for me. Many of the objects referenced have conveyed a sense of agency or empowerment, and compelled me throughout my life to learn more about how humans have shaped the world around them into objects, buildings, landscapes, spaces and networks. Coiling works as a personal analog of this act, yet with its own imprecise formal language.

"The methodology has become a system of inquiry, which I often use improvisational, allowing the objects to become something distinct from their seminal questions and references."

For more information about Doug, visit www.dougjohnston.net.

Via direct submission | All images by Clemens Kois and courtesy of Doug Johnston


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