See your art on a giant, real-life billboard in this cool contest

Every artist wants to see their work seen by as many people as possible, right? Well, what could be more visible than a 24 feet wide x 12 feet tall billboard placed in a prominent position in a major metropolitan area?

Engrossed by [Isimi Taiwo](, past winner

Engrossed by Isimi Taiwo, past winner

That's why we're super-excited about a new contest from Pixels, which is giving 20 lucky winners the chance to see their work displayed on billboards across the continental United States.

Each billboard will prominently feature the winning image, its title, and the artist's name or preferred social media handle. The billboards will be positioned in various cities throughout the US, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Each will remain visible for at least one month during the fall and winter of 2021.

Best of all, the contest is FREE to enter, and you don't even have to live in the United States: the contest is open to all members of Pixels (which itself is free to join).

How to enter

Entering this amazing contest is pretty simple. Just create a free account on Pixels (or log in to your existing one), then upload three of your best images.

Your work can be in any medium, including painting, photography, illustration or digital art, and feature any work-safe subject matter. All submissions are due by 31 August 2021.

Your next step is to share your contest submissions on social media and tell your friends and family to vote for your artwork on the website. Each image that gets at least 100 votes will become a contest finalist and get featured on the Pixels Instagram account.

Shall We Dance by [Wawawiwa]( / Andrés J. Colmenares, past winner

Shall We Dance by Wawawiwa / Andrés J. Colmenares, past winner

What you'll win

If one of your images gets at least 25 votes in the contest, you'll get a free t-shirt with a Pixels logo on it in any style, size, and colour of your choosing. If one of your images gets at least 250 votes, you'll also get a free 24 x 36 inches canvas print from Pixels.

Then comes the big one. On 15 September 2021, a panel of judges will review all of the finalists and pick 20 winning images to appear on billboards throughout the United States during the fall and winter. For more info and to enter the contest, visit the Pixels website.

Tiger Eye by [Lucie Bilodeau](, past winner

Tiger Eye by Lucie Bilodeau, past winner

Ocean Breeze by [Steve Henderson](, past winner

Ocean Breeze by Steve Henderson, past winner

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