Boston's RegretsOnly creates new identity for digital workspace, Moss

RegretsOnly is an independent design studio based in Boston, Massachusetts, and founded by Caleb Halter. A veritable Renaissance man, Halter not only designs for music clients but also acts as his own.

Since around 2018, Halter has also been making music under the alias Feral. "Originally making music served as an outlet from design, so I made a conscious effort to keep both practices apart just to protect making music almost a form of therapy," he told People of Print.

RegretsOnly was formed last summer specifically to work on brand identities and graphics for music clients, including Warp Records' Daniel Lopatin (also known as Oneohtrix Point Never), !!! and Battles, as well as the likes of the New York Times to 21st Century Fox.

A recent standout project for the studio is its work for Moss, a "digital workspace that combines an infinite canvas with the ability to sync assets and inspiration all in one place," in Halter's words.

To help illustrate a product dedicated to cultivating creativity, the studio developed an identity based on narrative vignettes "that felt like the messiness that is the modern creative process—existing in the tension between an incoherent collection of screengrabs and a fully formed thought," the designer explains.

Halter commissioned German 3D artist and illustrator Max Guther to put together some icons for the interface.

Born in Ohio and now based in Boston, Massachusetts, Halter was formerly associate creative director of Gretel in New York and lived in the city for nearly a decade. Specialising in brand identity and visual communication, RegretsOnly's practice is described as being "guided by equal parts instinct and insight, synthesising complex ideas into striking visuals."


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