Half a Second of Light: Photographer captures snippets of people at a station

In his series Half a Second of Light, Portuguese photographer José Quintela planted himself at a bus station in Lisbon, Portugal to wait and capture people who emerged from the gloom and walked through a spot of light.

From lone travellers dragging large suitcases to loved-up couples holding hands, the simple theme exposes something quite beautiful about human life.

Speaking of his work, José said: “We are invisible. At least until the moment when for a fraction of a second we find ourselves under a spotlight that makes us noticeable. When people cross a natural spotlight coming from a roof window, they’re like actors on a stage performing a play about everyday life. Characters who tell us their story before they return to complete darkness. And become invisible again.”

José is a portuguese copywriter who has a passion for photography. Follow his work on Instagram.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of José Quintela


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