Online Creative Jam: Learn from the best, create and win prizes with Adobe

If you love seeing how other artists, designers and makers create stuff, then you shouldn't miss Adobe's next Twitch session, from Tuesday 21st June until Thursday 23rd June.

Image licensed via Adobe Stock / By Denys Prykhodov

Image licensed via Adobe Stock / By Denys Prykhodov

Adobe has invited a number of leading graphic designers, UX designers, illustrators and filmmakers to create live work and show off their favourite techniques as well as answer all your questions.

Even better, you'll also get the chance to enter an Online Creative Jam, with four ways to participate – graphic design, UX design, video and mobile illustration – and the opportunity to win great prizes such as Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions, Adonit Stylus’ and art posters signed by the participating artists.

So if you want to learn from some of the best in the industry and flex your creative muscles, then tune in from 5pm on Tuesday 21st June. The full schedule is listed below:

Graphic Design with Shawna X

June 21st - 23rd | 5pm - 7pm

Shawna X is a visual designer from Portland, currently living in NYC. Her vibrant and colourful graphic style is dreamlike and mysterious. She works for several brands such as Nike, Adidas, Twitter, Vice and Adobe. Join Shawna as she creates an illustration a day live. Adobe will also be printing her finished artwork and giving away signed copies.

Illustration with Proko, Rob Generette III, Matt & Alice Lee

June 21st - 23rd | 7pm - 9pm

Join top illustrators and vector artists Proko, Rob Generette III, Matt and Alice Lee, as they’re challenged to use Adobe Creative Cloud mobile apps on iPad Pros. Like Shawna, they’ll be creating an illustration a day which Adobe will print live to give away.

You can see more from Proko and Matt on their YouTube channels where they regularly teach drawing techniques. This will be their first time using Photoshop Sketch on an iPad. Rob Generette III joined Adobe on their Twitch channel in May, and is the ultimate vector artist, specialising in portraits using Illustrator Draw. While Alice Lee is an illustrator joining Adobe from San Francisco. Her clients include the New York Times, Google and Dropbox.

UX Design with Travis Neilson & Carlos Montoya

June 21st - 23rd | 9pm to 11pm

The famous duo of Late Nights with Trav and Los will join Adobe to explain the process of Experience Design, from idea to prototyping using Adobe XD. If you’re interested in learning more about UX and UI Design, then this session is for you. Members of the Adobe XD team will also join in, presenting the next developments with this new application.

Live Video Editing with Jason Levine and Michael Chaize

June 21st - 23rd | 11pm to 1am

Video experts Jason Levine and Michael Chaize have accepted the craziest challenge yet; create one film trailer a day for an imaginary movie in less than two hours! You’ll play a key role in helping them define the storyline and find footage on Adobe Stock. The pressure is on, and what better way to learn how to create and edit professional movies than under the gun.

Tips & Tricks for Creative Cloud users

June 21st - 23rd | 1am - 2am

Adobe experts will teach you their best tips and tricks, introduce you to new features available in your favourite Creative apps and answer all your questions live. They will cover Photoshop and Illustrator on Tuesday, Video tools on Wednesday and Web/UX tools on Thursday. One hour of pure expertise per day. You really can't miss it.

Don't miss Adobe's next Twitch session, from Tuesday 21st June until Thursday 23rd June. To find out more, visit

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