The new podcast combining design advice, productivity tips and a very personal weight loss story

Sure, there's no shortage of great creativity-related podcasts out there – here's a list of 40 of our favourites, if you missed it – but a new pod on the scene called Method in the Madness uniquely looks to combine great design-related interviews with broader stories around personal development.

Image courtesy of [MadeBrave®]( Via CB submission

Image courtesy of MadeBrave®. Via CB submission

Method in the Madness is the creation of Gregor Matheson, who works on it as a side project outside of his role as head of design at the digital agency Signal. That personal development side was vital for Matheson; and he wanted to share his own and other people's advice on how the successful tools, habits and strategies used within creativity and leadership can have a profound effect on other areas of your life.

This is because he says he witnessed them: he tells us that ten years ago, as a recent grad, he was "obese and felt stuck in a city and a job that made him miserable. After a stark wake-up call, he decided to take control of his unhealthy and unproductive habits. He managed to transform his life: losing 45kgs in just six months, moved his life to a different city and found the fulfilling start in the creative industry that he was looking for, all in the same year."

Image courtesy of Gregor Matheson

Image courtesy of Gregor Matheson

As well as insights from designers and creative industry types, guests on the show have included as inventors, typographers, creative directors, photographers, founders of businesses, a chocolatier and even an Antarctic explorer.

"My hope in all of this is that I can share insights, strategies and stories from interesting guests that will not just have a positive effect on the listener's work, but other areas of their life too," says Matheson, "The podcast is an opportunity for me to sit down with great creative thinkers from all over the world, pick their brains and find out the 'why' and ‘how’ behind 'what' they do."

It's well worth a listen, and free to do so across platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, TuneIn, Pocket Casts, Castbox, Stitcher and YouTube.


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