Jessica Walsh creates new Slack emoji pack to reflect new post-pandemic models of hybrid working

Online messaging platform Slack has partnered with designer and founder of &Walsh, Jessica Walsh to create a bespoke emoji pack.

The new emojis aim to "help users better reflect where and how they're working as we approach hybrid work," according to Slack, and adds that it encapsulates the company's belief that the future of work "is whenever and wherever people will be most productive".

Slack continues: "What better way to tackle the big and scary problems brought on by the pandemic than with a major dose of creative thought? New challenges require new ways of thinking."

The emoji collection is dubbed the Hybrid Work emoji pack. These emojis aim to help users foster more connection internally and externally and promote flexibility around working from home, the office or a mixture of the two.

Icons include Working from Home or Working in Office emoji to signal where you're working, as well as the Kid Drop-Off emoji to signal to colleagues that someone is on the school run.

"Emoji have always been an integral part of my digital communication style," says Walsh. "With the pandemic and remote work, we were all going through new emotions, experiences and challenges, which required new language to communicate – which inspired these emoji. I've often found that struggles and frustrations are a great source for innovation!"

She adds, "My favourite is the Me Time emoji. We all need to remember to take short breaks throughout the day, both for our mental and physical health. Humans were not designed to be hunched over a desk for eight hours straight. I think it's great for companies to have this option as one of the status updates, to encourage people to simply take a break."

Slack users can add the Hybrid Work set of emoji from their desktop by clicking the smiley face icon in the message field, then "add emoji" and then a second tab labelled "emoji pack".


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